A massive outage has shut down most Apple services, including iCloud and iMessage

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Enlarge / The Apple Park campus stands out in this aerial photo taken over Cupertino in October 2019.

Apple is experiencing widespread network outages that have affected services like Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, Apple Maps, Apple Card, Apple TV+, the App Store, FaceTime, Siri, and more.

Users started complaining about strange app behavior and outages this morning. For example, searches for places or requests to start directions in Apple Maps no longer worked completely.

Additionally, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claimed on twitter that the outage not only affected services used by consumers, but also Apple’s internal tools and services. A Twitter user posted a picture (below) of Apple Store employees desperately trying to keep their store running with pens and paper.

Apple experienced a minor outage last month, but that outage didn’t impact as many services. Regarding the recent outage, users who have invested heavily in Apple’s ecosystem for things like mobile payments, navigation, file transfers, streaming entertainment, and more have been disconnected for several hours.

A Reddit post tracked what users were having trouble with. Here is the list:

  • https://iCloud.com

  • http://developer.apple.com/

  • apple music

  • Apple Maps

  • iMessage

  • Apple Fitness+

  • app store

  • Private iCloud Relay

  • Update server (to update the device firmware)

  • face time

  • find mine

  • apple tv

  • AppleTV+

  • App Store connection

  • Developer system status page (ironic)

  • Apple Podcasts

  • Apple.com trade-ins

  • Global service exchange

  • device activation

  • Apple card

  • Siri

  • Apple Support app

  • Simply paid

  • AppleArcade

  • Apple Business Manager

  • Apple School Manager

  • iTunes store

  • radio

  • school work

Apple maintains a system status page where you can check which services are currently working and which are not. This morning the page was mostly highlighted in red. But a few minutes ago the services started coming back online. For example, we were able to make a purchase with Apple Pay, which was not possible an hour ago.

However, not everything is restored. At the time of writing, ongoing outages include Apple’s account system, developer forums, program registration and renewals, and more. You can monitor the status page to see which services are back online and when.


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