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  • Ankr and Pocket Network join forces to achieve a fully decentralized infrastructure for Web3.
  • Pocket saw a 30% increase in usage of its nodes in the first week of the partnership
  • Pocket Network is the largest dApps provider to be included in Ankr’s list of whitelisted providers.

Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr announced today that it has partnered with Pocket Network, a blockchain development company for decentralized applications (dApps), to enhance dApp ecosystems and power Web3 infrastructure. The partnership is part of a major push to achieve a fully decentralized infrastructure for an enhanced Web3 ecosystem.

As part of the partnership agreement, Pocket Network joined the Ankr protocol as a node provider, while Pocket Network became the node provider of the Ankr protocol. The collaboration will also allow Pocket Network’s node runners to generate revenue by delivering nodes to the Ankr Protocol network. In the first week of the agreement, Pocket Network’s Harmony and IoTeX nodes saw a 30 percent increase in usage.

As Anker continues to decentralize its infrastructure and diversify node providers, this collaboration allows it to serve Web3 as a more collaborative protocol rather than just a centralized organization.

Founded in 2017 by Chandler Song, Ryan Fang, and Stanley Wu, Ankr is a decentralized Web 3 infrastructure platform for the Web 3 world. Anker’s platform allows users to build, earn and stake with $ANKR. Ankr currently serves an average of 6 billion blockchain requests per day across 50+ chains.

So far, the two companies have combined their skills to provide a powerful and fully decentralized pool of nodes for thousands of builders, wallets, and dApps that communicate with blockchains via their RPC services. The Ankr protocol allows whitelisted providers to provision nodes for their network, with Pocket Network being the most decentralized and largest yet.

Commenting on the partnership, Greg Gopman, Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr said: “The addition of Pocket to the Ankr Protocol marks a new era of coverage and decentralization for Ankr and our customers. We love what Pocket started and the passionate community they nurtured. We are very excited to have them join our journey to create the best Web3 infrastructure solutions.”

About arrival

Ankr is building the future of decentralized infrastructure, serving 50+ proof-of-stake chains with an industry-leading global node deployment system and developer toolkit. The Ankr protocol processes over 50 chains and delivers an average of six billion blockchain requests every day. Ankr processes over two trillion transactions per year over Web3 and is the RPC partner of choice for 17 blockchains, making it the dominant leader in RPC.

Via Pocket Network

Pocket Network is a blockchain data ecosystem for Web3 applications that uses cost-effective economics to coordinate and distribute data at scale. Its platform currently has a globally distributed network of 44,000 nodes. Pocket Network is now one of the most popular nodes for serving blockchain queries to the Harmony and IoTeX chains using the Ankr protocol. Pocket makes it easy to integrate the use of blockchains into websites, mobile apps, IoT and more, giving developers the freedom to put blockchain-enabled applications in the “pocket” of every mainstream consumer.


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