Arc Pulse Case and Sapphire Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 13 Review: Stunning design, premium price

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While one can argue which smartphone is the best, it is clear that the Apple iPhone offers more case options than any other smartphone model. With such a dominance of cases, it can be difficult to find one that offers unique features that suit your exact needs.

Various surveys show that 85% to 90% of iPhone owners use a case. Even though I bought Apple Care Plus and can confidently use my iPhone without a case, I also belong to this majority.

Arc designers have created a unique case that protects key areas of your iPhone while optimizing your iPhone experience the way Apple intended.


  • Stunning design
  • High quality titanium material
  • Easy installation and secure hold
  • Joy of carrying a mostly bare iPhone
  • No effect on reception or heat

don’t like

  • Very expensive
  • Little protection on uneven ground

After a few weeks of using the

arc pulse

on my

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

, I can definitely see the appeal of carrying your iPhone in a mostly bare state. I love the look and feel of my iPhone. The case is very expensive – $218 for the Titanium Silver and Gold models – but it’s stunning and unique. It will never break and offers many benefits including being 100% recyclable.

Arc Pulse case

Arc has Arc Pulse cases for all four iPhone 13 models and the three larger iPhone 12 models. The matte black aluminum case is $109, while the two titanium options are $218. You can choose the color of your iPhone on Arc’s website to view the Arc Pulse on your iPhone and choose the model that suits you best.

I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max in graphite color and was sent a Titanium Silver Arc Pulse to test. As you can see in my image gallery, this combination looks amazing. Extremely professional and elegant, it cuts a fine figure in the office and in the city.

The case comes in a long cardboard box. Pulling the fabric tab slides out both ends of the case, with the Arc Pulse parts embedded in black foam. The housing consists of two separate and distinct parts. Shock-absorbing elastomeric material lines the inside of the titanium exterior. Installation graphics are shown on the packaging and you simply slide on one side and then twist to push the other side into place.

Each piece is secured by friction and fits perfectly. It’s actually a bit difficult to remove each piece and clearly requires a focused effort to accomplish. I’ve dropped my iPhone on the carpet a few times to test it and each time a corner hits first without the case moving.

The Arc Pulse is designed to fully protect all four corners and the rear camera assembly. If you drop your iPhone flat on its front or back on a flat surface, the Arc Pulse is designed to protect it in that situation as well. Your iPhone could get scratched or cracked if you drop it on an uneven surface like gravel since most of the front and back are unprotected between the ends.

Aside from the incredibly good looks and minimalistic coverage of your iPhone, the Arc Pulse case is very light (22.5 grams for the one I tested, and that’s the heaviest of all the models) and offers the same heat dissipation as a bare iPhone cover does not antennas to maintain perfect cellular reception (you can see antenna lines with the Arc Pulse perfectly designed to fit beyond each of these areas) and is 100% recyclable.

I was concerned that the case would affect my ability to use some of my standard wireless chargers, but even with the top piece wrapped around the camera array, my iPhone still charges on wireless charging pads like the Volonic Valet 3. MagSafe accessory, the I’ve tested all work with the case in place, and Apple Pay apparently works with the back of the iPhone, which is mostly exposed to sensors. However, there may be some MagSafe accessories that bump into the Arc Pulse around the camera array.

The cost of the case is hard to swallow, but if you’re someone who likes to carry a bare iPhone – or someone who would like to but is afraid of dropping your iPhone – then this case might be for you .

When I’ve shown it to people, they’ve been impressed by its design and functionality – but not by its price. On the other hand, we’ve seen celebrities and others spend big bucks on accessories and cases, so the Arc Pulse could appeal to that audience as well.

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Arc Sapphire screen protector

To protect your iPhone’s display, Arc has those too

Arc Sapphire screen protector

. It’s the most expensive screen protector I’ve ever tested, priced at $76. The majority of the screen protectors I’ve tried before are tempered glass protectors, with cheap ones costing $10 on Amazon and higher quality $40-$50.

The Arc Sapphire is 99.99% pure sapphire with a MOHS hardness of 9. You may see 9H in conjunction with tempered glass, but this type of glass has a MOHS rating of 6-7. Arc states that the screen protector is five times tougher than standard tempered glass screen protectors.

Not only is it harder, but it’s also 50% thinner. You will clearly see no degradation in touch display performance. Scratch resistance is second only to diamond, so the protection should serve you well for the life of your iPhone.

Installation kit includes alcohol wipe, dust removal sticker, microfiber cloth and installation guide. Installation is the same as most other protectors and I was able to install them with no bubbles or errors. There is a thin black border around the edges of the protector, but the entire visible display is clear.

The Arc Pulse fits an iPhone with the Arc Sapphire attached without compromising protection in any area. It’s clearly an expensive screen protector, but with the hardness, thickness, and performance, it’s perhaps the best there is.


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