British Gas is telling customers to turn off ‘vampire’ consoles and laptops to save some money

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British Gas has advised its customers to check what appliances they leave plugged in on standby and using electricity – including games consoles, laptops, televisions and set-top boxes – to save some money on the company’s mounting energy bills.

The warning that these so-called “vampire devices” are using electricity – expensive for you but also unnecessary for the planet – comes as the UK faces an unprecedented surge in energy prices, while gas and electricity companies continue to make massive profits.

Indeed, the language used in today’s appeal by British Gas has been criticized for shifting the blame for high bills onto consumers. Questions were also asked about the figures British Gas used to calculate its savings.

British Gas’s own study, published by BBC News, appears to show a possible average saving of £147 a year by switching off ‘vampire devices’.

This breaks down to £24.61 a year for leaving your TV on standby, £12.17 for ‘Games Consoles’ and £11.22 for ‘Computers’.

Speaking to the BBC, British Gas energy expert Marc Robson advised buying a smart socket and switching off appliances on the grid.

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