Casetify Star Wars Collection: Transport the original trilogy with your mobile gear

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Ever since I was eight when Star Wars: A New Hope hit theaters, I’ve grown up a passionate Star Wars fan, with a home office adorned with original artwork, Topps playing cards, Lego kits, and more. So when I heard that Casetify was going to launch its Star Wars Collection On May 4th, I immediately emailed my corporate contact. cases for the iPhone 13 Pro max, iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra came a few days after I flew the Millennium Falcon and was captured by the First Order at Disney World.

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The Casetify Star Wars Collection includes cases decorated with scenes and artwork from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. There are cases for all iPhones from iPhone 7 to 13, Galaxy Note 20 UltraSamsung Galaxy S21 and S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Pixel6/6 pers The graphics available depend on your smartphone. So check out what’s available for your model. Casetify also has Apple iPad cases, Apple Watch straps, MagSafe chargers and wallets, and Apple AirPods cases as part of the Star Wars collection.

Star Wars artwork appears on Casetify Impact, Ultra Impact, and Compostable case styles. I’ve tried a silver Millennium Falcon case for my iPhone 13 Pro Max, a beautiful Binary Sunset on Tatooine case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, and the classic A New Hope scene on an iPhone 11. Some cases will be available exclusively through Co-Lab iPhone App for two weeks after the launch of the Star Wars collection.


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Millennium Falcon Limited Edition Case

I have a full Han Solo cosplay outfit with a replica blaster, a Han Solo cardboard cutout stands out in my home office, my online username and Twitter name were created for my passion for Palm PDAs and Han Solo, and All my cell phone devices are named with Bacca at the end since Chewy is my constant companion. Given this level of Han Solo fandom, the kind folks at Casetify sent the Millennium Falcon Limited Edition Case for my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Casetify states that 1000 of these cases are available for the iPhone 12/13, 12/13 Pro and 12/13 Pro Max with a retail price of $149. This limited edition case has the Millennium Falcon engraved on an aluminum alloy plate that covers the entire back except for the camera opening. It looks amazing with half of the falcon showing on the back of your iPhone. The ship’s name, the Rebel symbol, the traditional Star Wars logbook and more can be found on the back.


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The camera aperture is surrounded by the signature black border and Casetify name around the ring. The rim rises just above the cameras, protecting them when you lay your iPhone on its back.

The edges of the case are silver and are made from 50% recycled material. They are smooth and curved to fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max perfectly, with large openings and perfectly designed raised buttons. The solid edges of the case offer solid protection. The rims also rise above the display, protecting the screen when you place your iPhone face down on a surface.


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The interior of the case reveals the MagSafe circle in which magnets are positioned. My MagSafe-compatible wallets attach to the back of the case, but the connection isn’t as strong as other cases. I’ve tried a few MagSafe wireless chargers and they don’t work through the metal back of this limited edition case. So note that in this case there is select MagSafe compatibility here. The back of the case is quite thick, but Apple Pay wireless payments still work with the case.

The case looks fantastic in person and is very well constructed. My wife isn’t a fan of the etched aluminum feel, and others might not like the feel of it on the back of the case. Others may enjoy feeling the lines of the Corellian freighter with their fingers and carrying a piece of Han and Chewy with them across the galaxy. It’s clearly an expensive phone case and only serious Star Wars fans will consider it.

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A new hope

There are Star Wars options for iPhone owners from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13. I tried them Star Wars: A New Hope case for the iPhone 11 as we have three of them in our household. With this case model, Casetify offers a range of protection, weight and frame colors to suit your style.

Model options for the Apple iPhone 11 range from $40 to $60, with the Ultra Impact model being more expensive due to its higher level of drop protection, evident by the increased material in the four corners of the case. Mirror and compostable options are also available.


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The matte black Impact case I tried has large openings and raised buttons around the rim with classic Star Wars art depicting Han, Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan characters with various fighters and the classic yellow Star Wars words shows on the back.

The Impact case offers drop protection from up to 6.6 feet, so even if attacked by a Stormtrooper, your phone can survive being dropped from your hands. We all know that a stormtrooper could never hit your phone with a blaster, so you should only have to worry about accidental drops and not laser blasts.


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Newer iPhone models have more A New Hope case options, including Impact Crush and MagSafe models. Other iPhones are priced from $50 to $80, with more color and style options.

Tatooine Binary Sunset case

The last case I tried took me back to my youth with a classic Tatooine scene of Luke Skywalker’s house and sunset. That Tatooine Binary Sunset case was tested on a Galaxy S22 Ultra in the color clear/pink. It’s available for $65 as an Ultra Impact case, which survives falls thanks to its inner edge trim.

The clear/pink color scheme pairs perfectly with the pink colors in the sunset scene with the classic Star Wars words in black. It’s a fairly subtle Star Wars case that offers someone a nice looking case without focusing too much on the heavy Star Wars mechanics, weapons, or characters.


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The art covers the entire rear of the case, except for the opening for the camera assembly, which also features the standard branded Casetify border. All cameras of the S22 Ultra are well protected by the case.

On the underside there are openings for the S pen, speaker, microphone and USB-C connector with another microphone opening at the top. There are raised buttons on the right side for easy volume control and right side button.


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Other color options are available with different prices for other smartphone models. This includes a Tatooine Binary Sunset case for the Galaxy Z Flip 3.


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