Climate Replay is beginning to take a stand against the use of NFTs in games

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Climate Replay, an independent group made up of game developers, gamers themselves and leading climatologists, has issued a stark warning against the use of NFTs and their impact on the planet. It has also begun a pledge encouraging those in the industry, as well as those opposed to the use of NFTs in general, to sign up and take positive steps towards a “sustainable, socially responsible and equitable future for all”.

Additionally, with the rise of blockchain technology and the growing number of companies looking to implement it in their games, Climate Replay has released a guide that addresses everything wrong with NFTs.

“NFTs are the digital elephant of the space for the gaming industry right now, and many are feeling the pressure to choose sides,” Climate Replay wrote (via TheGamer). “… This technology has a massive impact on games, the climate crisis and society in general. We hope that by the end of this guide, readers will have a broad knowledge base to truly inform decisions related to NFTs.”

Climate Replay borrows from the escapism that video games can offer, then notes that this is a contrast to what NFTs can ultimately offer.

“Games give us hope in an increasingly uncertain world. They help us unleash our creative potential and free ourselves from real-world limitations—physical, financial, or otherwise,” Climate Replay wrote. “Most NFTs, and consequently most forms of digital property, in their current state serve the opposite purpose – their value is defined entirely by artificial scarcity and speculation, and driven by an unnecessary expenditure of physical resources.”

There have been several companies and individuals making headlines lately because they love to engage in NFTs. Some, such as


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