Crytek apologizes for Hunt: Showdown’s “issues and bugs” in its recent limited-time event

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Crytek has issued a “quick update” and apology for the issues plaguing Hunt: Showdown’s most recent event, Traitor’s Moon.

In a statement released on the company’s social media channels, the developer acknowledged that “several issues have prevented some of you from comfortably attending the event” after “server issues, bugs and sensitivity issues for the console “ had occurred.

“This has all been very frustrating and we understand the impact the downtime and issues have had on many of you,” the statement admitted.

“We are now extending the event through April 18 to give those affected a little more time to complete as much of the event as possible.

“We are also aware that some of you may have lost boosts due to the downtime, so we are currently in the process of figuring out how best to compensate for this. We will update you as soon as we know more.”

Extending the event will give players an additional four days to gather the XP they need.

“Long brewed – it started out at Crytek USA as a sort of Grimm fairy tale spin on Left 4 Dead – Hunt: Showdown cuts an odd, creeping figure alongside the multiplayer shooters that are dominating discussion today,” Edwin wrote


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