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An official Dead by Daylight board game is on its way to terrify players this Halloween.

Developer Behavior Interactive has teamed up with Level 99 Games, the acclaimed publisher of board and card games inspired by video games, to create a board game based on the hit multiplayer horror.

A Kickstarter campaign launches March 29 – fans can reserve a copy in advance by backing Kickstarter.

Similar to the video game, the board game will have two to four players working together as survivors to fix generators and thwart a killer being played by another player.

Game staples will be included, from items, perks, and props to the killers and survivors themselves.

It will be available in two versions: the standard edition ($49.99) with six killers, seven survivors, and two maps; and the Collector’s Edition ($99.99) with sixteen killers, seventeen survivors, and four maps.

The Killers and Survivors are drawn from the game’s original cast and will include the full roster through the All-Kill DLC (March 2021). They are all represented by detailed miniatures, with the Collector’s Edition also including miniature hooks and generators.

A digital rendition of the game.

“As fans of the original video game, we worked hard to capture the tension between the survivors and the killer at every turn,” said D. Brad Talton Jr, the board game’s designer. “That moment where you decide to make your move and then have to hold your breath while the killer plays his game — that’s the essence of Dead by Daylight to me.”

“Level 99 managed to perfectly adapt the Dead by Daylight experience to a board game: the asymmetrical gameplay of Killers VS Survivors, the unexpected surprises, the game loops, everything is there. And with almost all of the original characters, all the different perks that are there, there’s a lot to discover and love,” said Mathieu Côté, Game Director of Dead by Daylight.

It appears that Behavior Interactive is diversifying beyond the core game Dead by Daylight. In addition to this board game, an as yet unannounced trademark has been registered


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