Despite the battle between Epic and Apple, Fortnite is officially back on iPhone

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Fortnite on Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Epic Games has made a turnaround Fourteen days available on Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service. This means, among other things, that the hugely popular game is officially back to play on iPhone for the first time since it was withdrawn amid the recent legal battle between Epic and Apple.

A post on Microsoft’s Xbox blog states that you need everything to play Fourteen days Almost every device with a screen comes with a Microsoft account, internet access, and the device.

Fourteen days is a free-to-play game and, for the first time, Xbox Cloud Gaming in addition Free to play as long as the game you want to play is Fourteen days. The company’s cloud gaming service is usually limited to paying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, however Fourteen days gets an exception and works in any web browser with nothing more than a free Xbox login. Microsoft writes that it plans to introduce more free-to-play cloud games in the future that do not require paid Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions.

At least part of Microsoft’s hope here likely lies in the long-disillusioned iPhone Fourteen days Players sign up to play the game on their phones, see how well it performs, and then sign up for the full service to access premium games as well.

Fourteen days was one of the most popular games on the iPhone (and almost every other platform) until Apple removed it from its app stores when Epic sued Apple over a variety of App Store-related issues.

The lawsuit resulted in some minor victories for Epic, but mostly big ones for Apple, and Fourteen days didn’t make it back to the App Store.

During the court case, it turned out that Epic refused Fourteen days available on Microsoft’s service as Epic saw the service as competitive for its goals on the PC platform, so Thursday’s announcement is a reversal.

However, if the game hadn’t ended up on the iPhone via Microsoft’s service, it would have eventually made it there anyway. Nvidia has conducted a closed beta of its own streaming service on iPhone (also with Fourteen days), but it has not yet been widely adopted.


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