EU, US, UK accuse Russia of cyberattacks amid invasion of Ukraine; Blame it for delivering Whispergate

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Russia is behind a series of cyberattacks linked to its conflict with Ukraine earlier this year, with widespread repercussions across Europe, the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom and the United States, said Tuesday. Western allies said the latest attack took place on communications company Viasat in Ukraine, which had wider repercussions across the European continent, disrupting wind farms and internet users in central Europe.

Britain’s National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) believes that Russian military intelligence was “almost certainly” involved in the January 13 defacing of Ukrainian government websites and the deployment of a destructive malware called Whispergate.

“This is clear and shocking evidence of a deliberate and malicious attack on Ukraine by Russia, which has had significant consequences for citizens and businesses in Ukraine and across Europe,” said British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

“We will continue to denounce Russia’s malicious behavior and unprovoked aggression across land, sea and cyberspace and ensure that it faces severe consequences,” she said.

The NCSC said it also believed it was “almost certain” that Russia was responsible for the subsequent Feb. 24 cyberattack on Viasat.

Back then, a cyber attack on Viasat began about an hour before Russia launched its major invasion of Ukraine. Although it is believed that the primary target was the Ukrainian military, other customers were also affected, including home and business internet users. Wind farms in Central Europe and internet users were also affected.

Viasat said that “tens of thousands of terminals have been damaged, rendered inoperable and beyond repair”.

This week’s announcement comes as cybersecurity leaders from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance — made up of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States — the EU and others meet at the NCSC Cyber ​​UK conference in Newport to discuss to discuss the cyber threats to the world.

The British government stressed that it is already imposing sanctions on the Russian intelligence network GRU following its poisoning incidents in the city of Salisbury and banking assets worth more than GBP 940 billion (approximately Rs. 11.12.613 crore) in personal wealth belonging to oligarchs and theirs Family members who support Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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