Flashpoint is back in Apex Legends’ latest limited-time event

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Flashpoint is back as part of Apex Legends’ newest limited-time event, Unshackled.

Unshackled launches April 19 and includes the return of Flashpoint, where the ability to regenerate health and shield is removed, along with healing and shield loot. Instead, you’ll need to get to Flashpoint Zones to regenerate your health, although as you might expect, you might have to fight for control of them…

There are also the usual new themed cosmetics – badges, amulets, skins and the like – and new weekly challenges too.

“Unleash the full power of your Legends in the Unshackled event!” says developer Respawn. “Play on Olympus like never before in the Flashpoint limited-time mode. You won’t find any shield or health items: instead, regenerate health and shield in Flashpoint zones that you better be ready to fight for!

“Unlock 40 event cosmetics and play through two unique weekly challenge tracks, each packed with new items.”

Unshackled runs from April 19th to May 3rd. Enjoy, Legends!


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