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Who are you meeting this season?

the character collection challenges you to find all the NPCs scattered across the land Fourteen days Map in chapter 3 season 2.

Most you will encounter by exploring the map, but others are harder to find as they either change their location or their appearance in the game itself. You even have to attack three NPCs to add them to your character collection.

Find out below how to complete your character collection and all current character locations in fortnite chapter 3 season 2.

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Character collection in Fortnite explained

Each new Fortnite season brings a new collection of characters – both original characters and those drawn from pop culture – to the island.

The characters that appear on the Fortnite map act as either vendors or a hostile enemy that will attack you locally, but defeating them will reward you with a legendary weapon.

The Character Collection is a catalog containing all of the characters currently appearing on the island during the current season. To add a character to this collection, you just have to find and talk to him during a game or, if it’s a hostile opponent, attack him immediately.

It’s important to note that certain characters in Chapter 3 Season 2 don’t appear in every game. So to find them all you have to visit certain locations multiple times to see if they are there.


List and locations of character collection in Fortnite

Below are all of the characters currently in the Chapter 3 Season 2 character collection along with their locations.

As with last season, some of these characters will only appear in certain games, such as the various josys in The Joneses and the residents of Camp Cuddle. The Imagined appears on one of three Seven Outposts in each match, while Agent Jones appears on one of two Seven Outposts in each match.

We’ve put “variant” next to these characters in the table below so you know which ones to look out for.

You must also attack Gunnar, Huntmaster Saber, and Slone to add them to your character collection.

Character Collection Badge reward explained

Completing the character collection for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 gives you a small reward, but it’s not Battle Pass XP.

Instead, you’ll receive a badge in your Legacy Catalog, accessed from the Career tab in the main game center. This tab is also where you can review your Fortnite achievements, starting from the beginning of Chapter 2.


It is currently possible to complete the Chapter 3 Season 2 character collection and earn the badge, but you will need a number of matches to find all of the characters.

It’s also important to note that you earn a small amount of XP for speaking to a character during a game.

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