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A choreographer is suing Epic Games over dance moves featured in an old Fortnite emote.

Kyle Hanagami, a choreographer who has worked with Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and J-Lo, filed a lawsuit against Epic over the “It’s Complicated” emote that was released in Fortnite back in August 2020.

Lawyers for Hanagami have said the emote uses copyrighted dance moves from a 2017 video set of Charlie Puth’s “How Long” (thanks, Kotaku) without credit or compensation.

The moves in question appear at the beginning of the It’s Complicated emote’s dance routine, although the emote continues after that.

Hanagami’s lawyers have released a compelling comparison of the emote’s launch:

Here’s the full emote:

Hanagami’s lawsuit seeks removal of the emote from the game and compensation for any Fortnite profits made from its sale.

This is the first Fortnite dance lawsuit in several years, following a spate of lawsuits in 2018. Then, rappers


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