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If gaming is your hobby, you just can’t keep using your outdated PC and other hardware accessories, whether you play multiplayer games or even table games online. Professional gamers who adore you don’t just sit under a tree in their backyard and stream live from their PCs perched on a desk supported by wooden crates.

You can’t either. But if you’re worried about going over your budget, don’t fret. We’re not asking you to buy a sleek, leather-backed Italian gaming chair that the pro gamers use in their videos. This is just too much of an exhibition. One of their tricks is to attract viewers and make them appear as serious players. Instead, let’s look at the hardware and accessories your PC needs to compete in the ever-evolving gaming industry.

The chairs you see at pro gamers are not only bulky but also not among the aesthetic pieces of furniture you want in your room. These chairs are quite overpriced compared to the quality of comfort they offer. Aside from that, professional live streaming Players usually get them for free as using them on camera increases the company’s brand exposure. So instead of worrying about buying such overrated items, focus on investing in the gear that pro gamers use in their hardware setup that actually makes a difference.

What hardware requirements should your PC meet?

The hardware components you need to focus on are the ones that actually give you a distinct competitive advantage over your fellow gamers, rather than just beautifying your battle station. Let’s take a closer look.

Keyboard Mouse

If you’re serious about gaming, you must already have a good graphics card, but what about your peripherals? Just having the latest NVIDIA graphics card doesn’t do justice to your pro-gamer lifestyle. Nothing can be worse than having an unresponsive mouse or sticky keys hampering your game and making you feel like a “noob” in front of your teammates.

Gaming Keyboard – Free photo on Pixabay

Make sure your keyboard and mouse are made of quality, durable parts to give you a smooth gaming experience. Logitech may have the answer if you’re looking for a good mouse within your budget. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a popular choice among professionals with its eight programmable buttons and optional wireless support. Keyboards are another valuable asset for any gamer as they enhance your gaming experience and give you an aesthetic feel with programmable LEDs and backlit features. Maybe try the Redragon Kumara K552.

headsets and other accessories

Investing in a good headset is a must to become one professional gamer. It can also eliminate your need to invest in a microphone separately. Headsets often make all the difference when it comes to communicating effectively with your teammates and discovering your enemy locations and strategies. As well as headsets, you should also have a good pair of speakers handy if you play alone and don’t want to always wear the headset.

Headphones – Free photo on Pixabay

Hearing is one of the underused methods of finding out enemy positions and movement predictions. Even professional gamers are quietly waiting to hear enemy footsteps, weapon reloads and other crucial sounds that can decide the ultimate winner. In the headset game, HyperX seems to lead by a wide margin and is the preferred choice of many professional gamers. Even if they are a bit expensive, their quality will compensate you in an excellent way.

Monitor and desk essentials

Modern games are all about pace. If you don’t have the speed and tenacity to take down your opponents quickly, you’re bound to knock yourself out early. You need a PC that can consistently render your games at high speed to play games at a high frame rate. But is your monitor capable of giving you those frames? A cramped table space and lack of room for proper hand motion can disrupt your hitting streak.

When it comes to monitors, you shouldn’t look for a refresh rate below 60 Hz. However, the sweetest feeling comes when you use an upgradable 144Hz monitor with a quality resolution and size to meet your gaming needs. Make sure your PC table has holes to properly organize your cables.


Keep in mind that pro gamers tend to have their gaming gear sponsored by different companies, and trying to replicate their setup will only break your budget. Therefore, only buy the hardware that enhances your gaming PC experience.


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