GTA 6 Gameplay Videos Leaked Online; Shown with the female protagonist “Lucia”: report

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GTA 6 – or Grand Theft Auto VI – footage has been leaked on a forum dedicated to the popular open-world action-adventure game, according to a report. The leak consists of over 90 videos showcasing two playable characters, Lucia and Jason. This is in line with a previous report that suggested Rockstar’s next GTA installment could feature a female protagonist. In one of the videos, Lucia can be seen robbing a restaurant with her partner. Shortly after the video went viral on multiple social media platforms, Rockstar owner Take Two Interactive began filing copyright claims to have the footage removed.

according to a report From PC Gamer, a treasure trove of over 90 videos of the upcoming GTA 6 has been leaked by a user named teapotuberhacker on GTAForums. The hacker also reportedly claims credit for the recent Uber hack. The videos are said to be part of a test build of the game intended to run the GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code and assets.

After the GTAForum post went viral, videos of GTA 6 gameplay were uploaded to YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter. The hacker’s post has since been removed. Additionally, the developers have started soliciting copyright claims for the gameplay leaked on YouTube. Most of the videos have been removed from YouTube, but some are still making the rounds on Twitter.

Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier tweeted that he had received confirmation from sources at Rockstar that the leaked footage was from GTA 6. Schreier added that the gameplay isn’t finished yet and is part of an early test version of the game. “This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games,” he said. When asked why the GTA 6 video leak is a nightmare for developers, Schreier replied that it will likely disrupt work for a while. He also said this could result in management limiting “work-from-home flexibility.” “The implications of this leak may not be clear for quite a while,” he added

In a shared video above On Twitter, the game features two characters named Lucia and Jason robbing a restaurant. This is in line with a previous report that suggested GTA 6 could feature a female protagonist. In another Video Jason can be seen alongside two NPCs who are talking about Life Invader, GTA 5’s in-game social media platform.

Last, a Video of the leaked GTA 6 gameplay shows that there could also be a strip club. The game is reportedly set in Vice City, the fictional version of Miami. According to the report, the test setup uses GTA 5’s police vehicles labeled “VCPD” (Vice City Police Department). The language quality and the dialogues should be very similar to the style of Rockstar Games.

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