Halo Infinite reveals its most popular playlists

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343 Industries has confirmed that it has retired the dedicated playlist for Halo Infinite’s Land Grab mode.

In a brief statement on Halo Waypoint, 343i said that while it knew “many players were enjoying this new mode,” it was “steadily declining” and “starting to miss the quality bar.” Consequently, the dedicated playlist will be “rotated out” and will instead “roll into Quick Play” in early November.

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“On Tuesday, September 20, the dedicated Land Grab playlist will be rotated out of matchmaking,” reveals the blog post. “While we know that many players have enjoyed this new mode introduced in Season 2, at this point it has steadily declined and is beginning to fall short of the quality bar for a positive gaming experience.

Land Grab will be back as part of the Entrenched event, with week 5 starting on September 27th and the final week scheduled to start on October 25th. Looking further ahead, Land Grab will roll into Quick Play as part of the Winter Update, coming November 8th.”

The same post also confirmed that The Yappening BTB “will continue shenanigans” and reminded us that Last Spartan Standing was also removed as a dedicated playlist “because it no longer maintains a reasonable level of engagement” at less than one percent of all player activity .

Also, Halo Infinite playlists have been sorted from most popular to least popular: Quick Play, Ranked Arena, Fiesta, Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, Tactical Slayer, Land Grab, Ranked Doubles, Team Doubles, Team Sniper, Rumble Pit and Bot Bootcamp.

“Matchmaking playlists have been at the heart of Halo’s online multiplayer since Halo 2, and that’s still true today for MCC and Halo Infinite,” the post explains.

“Likewise, since Halo playlists have existed, there have been rotation schedules that see different modes come and go at regular intervals. We haven’t seen many rotations at Infinite so far, but the team continues to accumulate a backlog of tried and tested modes – along with brand new offerings – this will happen more regularly.”

The news comes just days after Bonnie Ross, the founder and head of Halo developer 343 Industries,


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