How would Elden Ring look like as a CRPG?

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The worlds of Elden Ring are beautiful and desolate. But what if the perspective were shifted?

That’s exactly what YouTuber Flurdeh did. Using camera tools provided by Frans Bouma, they used a tilt-shift lens and an isometric view to create a video of the Lands Between from above (thanks PC Gamer).

While not a full mod, it reimagines the game as a CRPG, turning Miyazaki’s gritty world into adorable little dioramas with tiny model enemies shambling around.

Huge golems become miniature table figures; Church ruins look like they’re built out of Lego bricks; Dragons look more like pets; and trees in the foreground are blurred to emphasize the change in perspective. Even the imposing Tree Sentinel looks cute prancing around on his horse.

It’s just all so… tactile.

It’s not just Elden Ring. Flurdeh has done similar work on Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and God of War. Kratos especially looks hilarious being so small while Night City looks more like Sim City.

Check out Flurdeh’s video below. Frans Bouma’s tools are available on her Patreon.

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