Instagram is reportedly testing ways to turn video posts into reels

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Instagram is reportedly testing a way to turn video posts into reels. The Meta-owned social media platform reportedly mentioned that the change is currently being tested with a select number of users around the world and is part of Instagram’s plan to simplify the videos in the application. A social media analyst also shared a screenshot on Twitter showing users participating in the test seeing a prompt from the app informing them that the video posts are now being shared as Instagram Reels.

According to a report from TechCrunch, citing an email sent to the publication by a spokesperson for Meta, social media platform Instagram is currently testing a new update to the app that will reportedly turn the video posts on the platform into reels will convert.

The report added that the company spokesperson said in the email, “We are testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.” Switching from Meta’s proprietary platform is said to be part of Instagram’s plan be to simplify video content in the app.

Instagram is currently testing the feature that turns video posts into reels with only select users around the world, the report quotes. Also social media analyst Matt Navarra divided a screenshot on the microblogging platform Twitter with the message “Video posts are now shared as reels”.

It is expected that people participating in the test for Instagram around the world will see this pop-up message. The prompt states that if your account is public and you share a video, people can use the video’s audio to create their own reels. The message that appears also adds that anyone can now create a remix using the user’s reel and download it as part of their remix. However, users have the option to disable remixing in the settings.

Instagram has yet to confirm when the new feature that turns video posts into Instagram Reels will roll out. The social media platform is also expected to reveal soon what will happen to the video posts already on the platform.

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