Jason Momoa is reportedly joining the cast of the Minecraft live-action film

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Jason Momoa, known for his massive and somewhat imposing roles in Game of Thrones, Dune and Justice League, is about to land his latest role. But this time around, it seems the muscular lead is taking on a much blockier personality than we’re used to, as The Hollywood Reporter reported Momoa is currently in “final talks” with Warner Bros.’ live-action Minecraft adaptation .

While its part isn’t set in stone (cuboid or otherwise), it certainly looks hopeful. So will he be Steve or a whole new hero? Or even the villain? I think we’ll have to wait and see.

In addition to a possible Mamoa-Ness, Variety has also revealed that the upcoming Minecraft movie has also been tapped by Napoleon Dynamite’s Jared Hess to direct it. Meanwhile, Dune producer Mary Parent will co-produce the film with Roy Lee.

There’s no shortage of video game customization out there. From TV shows to the big screen, everyone’s favorite gaming protagonists are making the transition to live action. A new Streets of Rage adaptation from Sonic producer dj2 Entertainment was recently announced.

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