Kao the kangaroo hops back onto consoles next month with his trusty boxing gloves

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It’s been over 20 years since Kao, the kangaroo-featured boxing glove from the land Down Under, first made its debut. But he’s back now, and will hop into our lives on Friday, May 27th for a relaunched hooray on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (via Steam). And what will his reboot be called? Well, Kao the kangaroo of course.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from players since announcing that Kao the Kangaroo would return earlier this year,” said Kaja Borowko, director of Kao development at Tate Multimedia.

“With this new chapter, we want to ensure that the new Kao the Kangaroo both honors its past excursions and offers fresh, contemporary gameplay for fans new and old. This is a complete reboot for Kao and we can’t wait to see how people take it at launch!” You can check out Kao’s new trailer below.

Tate promises fans of the series even more beautiful and diverse worlds to explore when the game launches next month. These worlds will be full of mysteries and unexpected items for the whole family to discover.

And of course Kao has his powerful gloves at hand, with which he can wield power over the elements. So these gloves are it practical in more ways than one…


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