Kim Kardashian threatened to sue Roblox over ‘sex tape’ clickbait

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Kim Kardashian has threatened to sue Roblox after her son spotted an image of the star’s crying face in the game as part of an ad that suggested it was “Kim’s new sextape.”

In a recent episode of The Kardashians (titled “Burn Them All to the Fucking Ground”), Kim expressed anger and confusion when her son Saint West brought his find to her attention.

When Saint explained that the ad was in a Roblox game, Kim immediately replied, “Oh, it’s a game? Then we’ll sue them if it’s a game of my name and likeness.” Kim then explained that the ad in question claimed to contain additional unreleased footage of her 2007 sex tape.

The clip itself was shared on Twitter by ShannonSharpeee (thanks, Kotaku) and can be viewed below.

In the same episode, Kim went into more detail about what she saw on her son’s device.

“It was clickbait, implying that if you clicked on it, a new sextape would come out,” she said.

“Had my son been a little older and able to read I would have been embarrassed, but I […] dead inside.”

She also called Saint’s father to discuss the situation.

“Saint was on Roblox yesterday and a damn thing popped up and he started laughing and was like ‘mommy look’ and it was a picture of my face crying,” Kim exclaimed (via Polygon).

“And it was a game that someone made out of Roblox and it said ‘Kim’s New Sex Tape’ when you clicked on it.”

Kim ended the episode by saying, “I’ve got all the time, money, and resources to burn them all to the damn floor” (and that’s how the episode got its name).

After the show aired on April 14, Roblox released a statement about the ad.

“The referenced video was never available on our platform – we have strict moderation and policies in place to protect our community, including zero tolerance for sexual content of any kind that violates our Community Rules,” the statement said.

“The text reference to the tape that bypassed our filters was quickly removed and thankfully was only visible to an extremely small number of people on the platform. We also quickly removed the associated experience and banned the community developer involved in the incident.”

This isn’t the first time Roblox has made headlines with its content. In February of this year, the


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