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In 1959 Dr. Kazuo Inamori Kyocera with the idea of ​​doing the right thing as a human being. For Kyocera, this has always meant protecting the planet for future generations. Therefore, when Earth Day was established in 1970, April 22 immediately became a poignant day on their calendar. Between the first Earth Day in 1970 and the 52nd in 2022, Kyocera’s eco-friendly solutions have become an integral part of modern businesses. The renowned manufacturers have developed ECOSYS, a pioneer in sustainable printing, in addition to document solutions that help reduce paper consumption and green initiatives such as the ECO footPRINT™ toner recycling program.

To celebrate this important day, Kyocera has now released an eBook summarizing all of its environmental achievements and initiatives, entitled Kyocera: A greener way of printing. In the dossier, readers can discover Kyocera’s environmentally friendly devices, recycling systems and digital solutions in detail. In short, the eBook shows all the tools professionals need to embark on a green journey.

Many recent studies confirm that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer purchasing decisions, as many shoppers do research about the company and the product before making a purchase. A recent study by Simon-Kucher & Partners found that consumers are becoming ‘greener’, with a third willing to pay more for eco-friendly products.

“At Kyocera we develop all our products with the environment in mind. Our goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions to customers who are not only looking for quality devices at affordable prices, but also demand a manufacturer that offers them eco-friendly solutions. It is evident that sustainability is key to staying relevant and competitive in the marketplace,” said Óscar Sánchez, President and CEO of Kyocera Document Solutions America.

Kyocera is a company that puts its customers first. From outstanding MFPs to social initiatives, the eBook celebrates Kyocera’s green legacy, providing professionals and institutions with the latest knowledge on its green solutions and how they will help them plan for a better future.

“As an organization founded on sustainable philosophies, it is our responsibility to provide the tools businesses need to achieve sustainable success over the long term. Our eBook not only demonstrates the company’s green leadership, but also its ability to respond to market demands and deliver technologies that have a real impact on workplace productivity,” concludes Sánchez.

Get your free copy of Kyocera: A greener way of printing here: Download eBook.

Founded in 1959, Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. is a group company of Kyocera Document Solutions Inc., a global leader in total document solutions based in Osaka, Japan. The firms
The portfolio includes reliable and environmentally friendly MFPs and printers, as well as business applications and consulting services that enable customers to streamline and manage their document workflow, thereby achieving new levels of efficiency. With professional expertise and a culture of empathetic partnership, the company’s goal is to help organizations use knowledge to drive change.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. is a core company of Kyocera Corporation, a leading supplier of semiconductor packages, industrial and automotive components, electronic devices, solar power generation systems and mobile phones. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, the Company’s consolidated sales totaled 1.5 trillion yen (approximately $13.8 billion). Kyocera is ranked #603 on Forbes Magazine’s 2021 Global 2000 list of the world’s largest publicly traded companies and appears on The Wall Street Journal’s latest list of “The World’s 100 Most Sustainably Managed Companies.”


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