Leaked footage of TV show The Last of Us reveals more potential backstories

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More footage from the set of HBO’s upcoming TV adaptation The Last of Us has come to light, and it seems to confirm that we’ll see more of the original game’s backstory when it airs.

The footage in question was filmed in downtown Calgary and shows military forces moving through the city streets.

As the trucks pass, red flares emanate from nearby buildings and celebratory gunfire is seen and heard. The extras who make up the crowd on these streets seem to be shouting “Freedom!” to scream. and “Fuck FEDRA!”.

You can check out the footage for yourself below.

The footage shown suggests that this scene will depict the Pittsburgh quarantine zone prior to the events of The Last of Us, around the time the Hunters (a group of enemy survivors) overthrew FEDRA (the QZ’s original ruling faction) and eventually took control of the zone. However, please note that this is just my theory.

Another leaked clip from the set also shows Bella Ramsey as Ellie squeezes into a small gap before walking around and opening a door for Pedro Pascal’s Joel to walk through. This is exactly like a scene from the original game as you can see below.

Last but not least, TheLastOfUsTV also shared a soundbite from


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