Let’s Build a Zoo tycoon game splicing animals gets dinosaur DLC

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If you’re getting tired of splicing those same ancient animals into DNA hybrid monstrosities in the park management sim Let’s Build a Zoo, there’s some potentially exciting news on the horizon: you’ll soon be able to embellish your adorablely terrifying creations a little more More exotic when the game’s newly announced Dinosaur Island DLC arrives on May 23rd.

Let’s Build a Zoo, in case you’re unfamiliar, takes the familiar setting of classic zoo tycoons as a starting point and tasks players with importing and breeding animals, managing staff, and designing an attractive park with landscaped items, shops, and amenities in the right order to keep the guests happy and roll in the money.

However, it offers two main twists to this well-known formula; There’s a morale system – giving players the choice to keep it all overboard or take a more exploitative route – as well as the DNA splicing angle mentioned above, which allows players to create and display crocoducks, giraffes and chicks.

Let’s Build a Zoo: Dinosaur Island trailer revealed.

Let’s Build a Zoo’s new Dinosaur Island DLC greatly increases the number of options available for players to work with by introducing 50 new creatures that can be revived, spliced, and displayed, making them anything from a Capysaurus up to a donkey ceratops rustling.

Elsewhere, Dinosaur Island adds a new playthrough campaign, new enclosure types, a new research tree, as well as a sizeable helping of new prehistoric-themed shops and decorations.

And if any of this has piqued your curiosity, Dinosaur Island is available for £7.19/$9.99 USD/€8.19 on Steam and the Epic Store on May 23rd.


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