Magic the Gathering Gets Fortnite and Street Fighter Maps in 2022 •

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Magic the Gathering is getting Fortnite and Street Fighter maps in 2022.

During its Magic Showcase 2021 event, Wizards of the Coast announced that Fortnite will receive two Secret Lair drops next year that will “include iconic Fortnite in-game locations and characters.”

Secret Lair is a sub-brand of Magic: The Gathering centered around collectible sets with unusual themes and new art styles. There have already been a number of crossovers, including ones with The Walking Dead and Godzilla.

There’s no release date for the Fortnite expansion, but we do know that its maps will be reprints of existing maps, and we have our first look at some of Caroline Gariba’s artwork:

Meanwhile, Magic the Gathering is also getting a Street Fighter Secret Lair drop in 2022. This features a number of classic Street Fighter characters including Chun-Li. Here is a look at the artwork by Martina Fačková:


To match Chun-Li’s Street Fighter incarnation, her Magic the Gathering card has the Multikicker keyword ability.

All of the cards in this Street Fighter drop are mechanically unique, but their mechanical reprints will be available in future releases, including on The List found in Set Boosters, Magic the Gathering said.


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