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the Pokémon Go Community Day is a recurring monthly event highlighting a specific Pokémon that encourages players to get out and play together worldwide.

At each event, the Pokémon will appear more frequently and give them one for a limited time exclusive Community Day move for their final development – and several other bonuses that you can use during the event itself.

This site doesn’t just offer that Date and time of the next Community Day and highlighted Pokémon, but also a Community Day list of all previous events and their respective exclusive moves.

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Community Days are a great opportunity to raid and trade with others – from a responsible and safe distance of course.

What is Community Day in Pokemon Go?

Community Day takes place every month on a weekend day and lasts a total of six hours.

Along with increasing spawns of the highlighted Pokémon, there are bonuses during this period – like double XP, Stardust, or Lure Modules – as additional incentives to get out and play, including the increased chance for the highlighted Pokémon to be Shiny and the ability to evolve the highlighted Pokémon Reaching Pokémon is an exclusive move.

It’s a great way to get resources and a rare version of the highlighted Pokemon, but as the name suggests, it’s a great way to team up with other players.

You may find that other Pokémon Go players are traveling with you, which could make it easier to coordinate the completion


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