Metroid Dread Boss Rush modes now available

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Thanks to today’s free game update, Metroid Dread now features three boss rush modes. You gain access to the first one after completing the main game’s story.

The standard Boss Rush allows you to fight 12 bosses in a row, with the damage carried over from each one to the next. However, the weapons are fully restored.

Your goal here (apart from the bosses’ weak points!) is to bring down each boss as quickly as possible. If Samus goes down himself, you can replay your current boss fight, but there will be a time penalty.

Complete Boss Rush and you will unlock Survival Rush. This gives you a five minute time limit to defeat as many of the game’s bosses as possible. Here, a loss means the game is over. However, each successful defeat of a boss will restore time to your clock.

Finally, there’s Dread Rush. You only get access to it by beating the main game in One Hit Kill Dread mode. Here, any damage from a boss means the game is instantly over. Good mourning!

Haven’t played Metroid Dread yet? It is good to recommend. “A stylish, visually gorgeous return for 2D Metroid, and an adventure that proudly stands alongside the best in the series,” wrote Martin


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