MG Motor India partners with Bharat Petroleum on EV charging infrastructure

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Automaker MG Motor India announced on Monday that it has partnered with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) to strengthen EV charging infrastructure across the country.

The partnership with BPCL will add momentum to EV adoption by expanding intercity travel opportunities as the two companies will install EV chargers on highways and in cities, the automaker said in a statement.

With BPCL’s wide customer reach and operations and MG’s advances in electric vehicles, the two companies can combine their expertise to strategically identify charging stations, gather consumer insights, develop loyalty programs and develop charging system management technologies, it added.

“Our partnership with BPCL is a further step in strengthening the EV charging infrastructure in India to strengthen and strengthen customer confidence in EVs,” said Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director of MG Motor India.

BPCL’s strong presence and vast network in India will ensure existing and potential customers have convenient access to charging solutions across the country, he added.

“We want to continue expanding the possibilities of charging an electric vehicle and educating consumers about the environmental benefits of doing so,” Chaba noted.

Commenting on the initiative, Arun Kumar Singh, Chairman and CEO of BPCL, said sustainable consumption is the present and future as the country enters the mass electric mobility era.

“As we usher in the phase of the rapid energy transition to electric mobility, BPCL is at the forefront of addressing the three major fears of EV owners (range anxiety, time anxiety and discovery anxiety) to build consumer confidence for accelerated adoption build up of electric vehicles in the country,” he added.

BPCL is establishing fast-charging corridors across the country’s major highways, connecting major cities and business hubs, and will have a network of 7,000 conveniently located fast-charging stations across the country in the next two to three years, Singh said.

These fast charging stations will be equipped with a variety of conveniences for customers, namely, hygienic washrooms, refreshments, micro vending machines, etc., he added.

“This era requires strategic cross-industry collaboration to achieve new and important milestones in the EV charging ecosystem and we at BPCL look forward to expanding our reach and creating positive synergies with innovative brands like MG Motor India to deliver the ushering in the era of best-in-class EV charging solutions,” said Singh.

MG Motor India recently announced a new company called MG Charge.

As part of this initiative, the automaker plans to install 1,000 AC fast chargers in residential areas across India.

The connected AC charging stations serve the residents and visitors of these societies 24/7 for their EV charging needs.


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