New State Mobile April Update Now Live For Android, iOS; Brings a new Survivor Pass, a mini-game themed Among Us.

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The new State Mobile April update is now live on Android and iOS, game developer Krafton announced on Thursday. The update brings several new things, including the popular BR: Extreme Mode for the Erangel map, a new Survivor Pass, a new MCX weapon, and a mini-game. This game is based on the Among Us theme and is part of New State Mobile’s collaboration with Redmond-based game company Innersloth. Players will have access to special cosmetic items, in-game props, and a special Among Us event with rewards.

The big update that the New version of State Mobile 0.9.30 Brings is a collaboration event based on Among Us. From April 21st to May 19th, players will be able to play a mini-game after entering Troy’s starting island. Squad members must identify one member who is randomly assigned as an impostor. While the impostor eliminates others with guns, the remaining members must try not to be killed by the impostor.

The weapons, including a legendary level-up weapon skin for the M416, and other items will be available in the limited-time Among Us Crate. “Players can also participate in a special in-game event where they must complete missions to win Among Us-themed prizes including profile pictures, titles, icons and more,” as described in a blog entry on the New State Mobile website.

As for the event rewards, players will be given three free Among Us Crate Tickets. According to Krafton, event rewards will expire on May 18 at 1:00 UTC (6:30 AM IST).

Another major element that the New State Mobile update introduces is the MCX weapon. According to the developers, the MCX is the most powerful weapon introduced in the game. “The weapon is a fast-firing AR that uses 5.56mm ammo and has a customization option to attach an upgraded suppressor,” it says. The upgraded suppressor allows players to be more stealthy, but when using the upgraded suppressor, the front attachment slot is unavailable and recoil is increased.

New State Mobile’s April update also brings with it a range of weapon customization options, as well as some new items. The DSR-1 and Crossbow have an additional customization slot. The slot allows for the integration of Tank Flash Hider into the DSR-1 and magnetic bomb ammunition for the crossbow. Weapons like the M416 and the Beryl M762 have a grenade launcher attachment. Included with the Drone Store is a 10x Deca Vision scope that can be adjusted from 3x to 10x.

Newly added items include a poison grenade and a T-RS healing item. The poison grenade can be used to disperse players who are hiding in one spot or to counter a smoke grenade. The T-RS can be used to restore HP and increase it to 100 percent. Apart from that, New State Mobile’s April update also brings the Survivor Pass Vol. 6 starring Marion from the Hunter faction. Marion’s costumes and her character’s appearance can be earned by completing all story missions.

Last but not least, Erangel will be expanded with the popular BR: Extreme Mode, in which 48 players can fight. New State Mobile players have access to starting items such as the scorpion, a level 1 helmet and vest, a first aid kit, bandages, a painkiller, energy drinks, a smoke grenade, and 500 drone credits.

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