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I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy with Pokémon Go in almost six years. This weekend’s Johto Tour ticketed event provided an insightful checklist of things to hunt, fight and trade – so much so that some fans said the event should have lasted two days, or better signage for some of its supposed to have more obscure challenges.

Johto Tour was a celebration of the series’ Gold and Silver gaming region and a success. Its questline gives you a choice of those games’ starter Pokémon, while the rotating hourly creature spawns were themed around key areas in the game. As with last year’s Kanto Tour, the region’s entire Pokédex of creatures was available to catch, trade, or evolve.

For longtime fans of the series, seeing the normally Raid-exclusive legendary dogs Raikou, Entei, and Suicune appearing in the wild was a brilliant nod. And while they’re hard to catch (although easier via Incense), these might even be available in their rare Shiny versions.

Pokémon Go Johto Tour trailer.

As announced, the Johto Tour story quest ended with a chance to catch the time-travelling Mythical Pokémon Celebi—only the third time it’s been available since Pokémon Go launched. This also unlocked a lengthy post-event questline for players to complete over the coming days, featuring a Shadow Ho-Oh and super-powered Lugia.

But there were fewer plot revelations here than I had hoped. All season, the game had touted a big surprise hiding behind an old door, with events slowly causing its locks to swing open. Celebi was somehow involved, as was Team Go Rocket – who ended up stealing the item behind the door to create their new Shadow Ho-Oh and Lugia. But what was it and why did Celebi appear? as


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