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Pokémon Go teased an odd raid egg that is on account of hatch later tonight.

The sport’s social media accounts began monitoring developments on Saturday. The primary of 4 movies (to this point) teased a pink egg with a six hour countdown. Followers excitedly waited six hours to be greeted by a brand new video, now with a 44 hour countdown.

Fan hypothesis instantly went into excessive gear and a few top-class ideas had been made. May or not it’s Zygarde, the Gen 6 Legendary, which is made up of many particular person cells? Possibly Niantic launched it cell by cell ?!

How about Phione, the mysterious legendary creature that Pokémon Go will skip when it kicks off the primary sixth technology arrivals this week? Or Kecleon, the chameleon Pokémon who’s now the one lacking Mon in Gen 3?

Absolutely there should be one thing large in any case this teasing? Or perhaps not.

Followers quickly realized that the primary teaser was a short glimpse into the Pokémon background of the Psychic-type sport that dominated out all the above guesswork. The second teaser additionally featured the brand for creatures of the Psychic sort, whereas the third featured an airplane flying by, leaving a banner with the quantity 677 behind it.

Pokémon # 677 is Espurr, a Psychic-type creature from the upcoming Gen 6, whose scream may be heard within the fourth and newest teaser – which apparently confirms that Espurr is certainly the Pokémon that pissed off all of those movies.

Espurr is a cute creature, though not overly highly effective or notably uncommon. The followers are actually a bit of stunned that there was a lot fanfare.

Each Espurr and its evolution, Meowstic, are two-legged cats. The latter species is uncommon, if not distinctive, in that its female and male variants have completely different movesets and Pokédex descriptions. And that is it!

So why all of the fuss? Nicely, earlier generations have been added to Pokémon Go, with at the least one creature launched completely in Raids and Eggs (Shinx from Gen 4, Klink from Gen 5) and with their Shiny variations from the beginning. It looks like Espurr is destined to turn into the model of Gen 6.

Pokémon Go has a giant week forward of it, with the upcoming introduction of the sport’s first cap improve, the addition of a Seasonal Mechanic tomorrow, after which his


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