Resident Evil Village should reportedly feature mermaids

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As they worked their way through Moreau’s watery swamp pit in Resident Evil Village, players reportedly once encountered a variety of new creatures, including mermaids. But as you’d expect from a Resident Evil game, these mermaids wouldn’t be the Disney Princesses versions resembling those of Ariel and her family. Rather, they went to a (literally) monstrous pain for Ethan Winters and the players.

Reliable Resident Evil leaker twilight golem, who has inside knowledge of the development of the series, shared more details about Moreau’s area in the game as well as the enemies players would encounter there. Discussing the mermaid-like enemies that were ultimately removed from the final release, Dusk Golem revealed:

“In the water they could swim fast for you if [they] discovered them and you had to get to patches of land or successfully kill them before they reached you.

“Even on land they could be a nuisance and [would] Do this screeching attack that stunned you and slowed you down for a while. However, the screeching had a secondary purpose, [as] the swamp had a stalker enemy in it.”

So what about this swamp stalker? Well, it certainly sounds like being chased by this beast is a lot less enjoyable than being stalked by one


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