Russian Avangard Weapon: The unstoppable and world’s fastest nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, against which the US cannot defend itself; can travel from Moscow to New York in 14 minutes | tech news

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The war between Russia and Ukraine enters its fifth week. For the first time since the war began on February 24, the Russian military confirmed on March 19 that it had fired the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal hypersonic air-to-surface nuclear-capable aeroballistic missile, which destroyed a weapons depot in western Ukraine.

The Kh-47M2 Kinzhal, traveling at 10 times the speed of sound, entered service in December 2017. It is one of six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018. According to TASS, the Kinzhal missile was reportedly first used in 2016 during Russia’s military campaign in Syria.

But while Kinzhal made headlines last week, there is another hypersonic missile in Russia’s arsenal that the US cannot resist. Enter the Russian Avangard, the world’s fastest nuclear-capable hypersonic ICBM technology capable of traveling from Moscow to New York in 14 minutes.

With the risk of a direct war between Russia and the United States increasing by the day, US General John Hyten, commander of the Offutt-based US Strategic Command, warned that the United States does not currently have the capabilities to confront the Russian vanguard To defend.

“We watched them test those capabilities,” Hyten told Congress, but he added, “We have no defenses that could deny using such a weapon against us, so our response would be our deterrent (nuclear) force.” .”

Unlike current ICBMs, which can fly as fast as hypersonic, the Russia Avangard can fly in controlled patterns just above Earth’s atmosphere and be maneuvered in the air. It’s the weirdness that allows the Avagard to obfuscate their intended targets and makes missile defenses significantly more difficult. Its speed could reduce an enemy commander’s reaction time.

The Avangard is capable of attacking anywhere on the planet, wiping out an area the size of France in less than an hour. The Avangard is just one of six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018.

During a speech in 2018, President Putin said: “The hypersonic ICBM was capable of traveling at 20 times the speed of sound and could ‘impact like a meteorite.’ It’s like a fireball being guided to its destination.”

After watching the live feed of the Avangard launch, Mr Putin said: “It was a great success and an excellent New Year’s gift for the nation.” He added:

“The Avangard is invulnerable to intercept the potential adversary by all existing and future anti-missile defenses.”

According to military analysts “The maneuverability of the Avangard hypersonic missile makes it difficult to predict its trajectory and gives it the ability to protect itself from air and anti-ballistic missiles B. by delivering nuclear warheads to targets in Europe and the US.”

Tested in 2018 and delivered as a birthday present to President Vladimir Putin, Avangard is 20 to 27 times faster than the speed of sound and can travel at around 33,000 km per hour. That’s Moscow to NYC in 14 minutes (transatlantic), less in the high atmosphere; probably closer to 6-8 minutes. The Kremlin claims the state-of-the-art hypersonic missile can travel at nine times the speed of sound and hit enemies more than 600 miles away.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

“Equipping our armed forces, the army and the navy with the most modern weapon systems, which is second to none, will certainly ensure our country’s ability to defend itself in the long term.”

According to an open-source intelligence analysis at Jane’s, the Avangard is a purely gliding vehicle with no independent propulsion system, capable of sharp horizontal and vertical evasive maneuvers at high speed in flight, making it “invulnerable to any missile defense system,” according to Russian officials. ”

Avangard is already sending terror and horror to Russian enemies around the world. In a reactionary reaction to the launch, Pentagon officials say the US has taken concrete steps to close the gap with Russia. In his Senate confirmation hearing last summer, Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said:

“We have opponents who are growing extremely fast in this area. We’ve had fits and starts over the years with this hypersonic technology, which I think is a mistake.”

As noted online, “Avangard not only serves as a deterrent, but warns the conceited and self-proclaimed world rulers of the West to wake up and return to reality that bullying is not the way to live in peace and harmony.”

The Avangard was flight tested between February 2015 and June 2016 aboard UR-100UTTKh ICBMs launched from Dombarovsky Air Base when it reached a speed of 11,200 kilometers per hour (7,000 mph; 3,100 m/s). Avangard has successfully hit targets at the Kura Missile Test Range in the Kamchatka Krai.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Avangard can travel at speeds in excess of Mach 20 (24,700 km/h, 15,350 mph) and its composite hull can withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees Celsius.

RIA Novosti news agency quoted a military-diplomatic source as saying: “It is time for our Western colleagues to accept the new reality. Russian ‘Kinzhal’ (missiles) are in service and ‘Avangard’ missiles have entered serial production.”

Below is a video of Russia’s Avangard.


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