Saints Row 4 PC Cheats: All Cheat Codes for Saints Row IV, from Superstomp to Runfast

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Probably one of the wildest games in the series, Saints Row 4 will have players step into the footsteps of none other than the US President who must save the world from the evil alien overlord Zinyak. Saints Row 4 also adds superpowers, allowing players to take on Zinyak’s minions in spectacular moves. The open-world game lets players leap over buildings, run through tanks, and fly across the map at will. Previous Saints Row titles allowed players to customize their appearance, while Saints Row 4 also added customizable weapons. The game also features a drop-in co-op mode, allowing two players to fight enemies side-by-side. If the game doesn’t seem wild enough for you and you want to wreak even more havoc, here are all the cheats for Saints Row 4 for PC.

How to use cheat codes in Saints Row 4

If you’ve played Saints Row 3, you probably know how to enter cheats in Saints Row 4. Go to the Hub and then to Select extras > cheater > add cheat. Note that enabling cheats will disable in-game achievements and trophies.

Saints Row 4 PC cheats

roasting hole: Sends all dead bodies in the game floating in the sky.

cheese: Instantly grants you $100,000

run fast: Removes the sprint limit, so your character never gets tired and can sprint indefinitely.

Let’s rock: Unlocks powerful in-game weapons including Alien RPG, Auto Rifle, Baseball Bat, Heavy Pistol, Heavy SMG, and Semi-Auto Shotgun.

vroom: Makes your vehicle indestructible, lets you ram through traffic without damaging your vehicle.

repair the car: Instantly repairs any damage suffered by your vehicle.

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isquishyou: Destroys other vehicles around you while driving.

Good Good: Eliminates existing Notoriety (Police) in game.

immediate guard: Instantly spawns a Guardian, a monstrous two-legged alien in game.

nogardens: Disables Guardians from spawning when gaining Fame.

super explosion: Unlocks the ability to throw Power attacks at people and vehicles, the first “Power” unlocked in Saints Row 4.

super buff: Unlocks buff that envelops the player in a powerful elemental aura that damages all nearby targets.

super stomp: Unlocks the ability to send shockwaves to the ground, affecting every enemy in the game.

Supertk: Unlocks telekinesis, which allows players to pick up and throw people, objects, and even vehicles over long distances.

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superdfa: Unlocks the Death From Above power, the ability to deal extended damage by attacking a target from above – with more damage the higher a player gets.

nosupermove: Disables the in-game movement skills boosted by super powers.

no superpowers: Completely disable the elemental superpowers that are part of the game.

big head mode: Gives your character an oversized bobble-head physique.

noglitchcity: Disables the glitch effect that is part of Saints Row 4.

evil cars: Turns all drivers against you, makes them run over you.

fast forward: Instantly speeds up in-game time, useful when you need to go through a repetitive part of the game.

craziness: Will drive everyone in town crazy and make them attack each other, so be careful.

mascot: Turns all pedestrians into inanimate objects and fake characters on the street.

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hohoho: Turns all passers-by into prostitutes and pimps in the game.

golden weapon: Allows easy one-shot kills when using firearms. Must be unlocked in game.

not rated: Makes every character you kill in the game explode violently. Must be unlocked in game.

slow motion: Slows down the time in the game so you can enjoy the destruction in slow motion. Must be unlocked in game.

Saints Row 4 DLC Cheats

These cheats only work if you have the Executive Privilege Pack DLC for Saints Row 4 installed.

dlc_never_die: Makes you invincible in the game – this simply makes you immune to any form of attack.

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dlc_car_mass: Not how isquishyouthis cheat code will cause your car to smash other vehicles out of the way.

dlc_unlimited_clip: Keeps your gun loaded at all times so you never run out of bullets.

dlc_sosuper: Instantly unlocks all purchases and gives you all super upgrades in the game.

dlc_unlimited_ammo: Gives you unlimited ammo, meaning all your weapons are always ready to use.

dlc_superduper: Instantly boosts your in-game superpowers to maximum capacity.

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