Samsung plans to sell recycled parts for repairing smartphones and tablets

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Samsung could launch a manufacturer-certified recycling parts program in the first half of this year. The South Korean tech giant has already launched a self-repair program in the US that provides Samsung owners with original device parts, repair tools and repair guides for smartphones and tablets. A recent report suggests the company may offer recycled parts as part of a new service expected to reduce repair costs. With this eco-friendly approach, Samsung expects to regain consumer confidence, which has suffered badly in recent times.

according to a report of Business Korea, Samsung plans to use recycled parts to reduce costs while ensuring that the quality and performance offered is equivalent to that of new parts. If given the green light, this program could reportedly cut the typical cost of repairing a damaged display in half.

Samsung recently launched a self-repair program in the US that also allows users to return used parts to the company for recycling. It is believed that the company could use these parts for the alleged recycled parts program. This step aims to reduce the amount of e-waste generated by discarded smartphones.

Samsung is bearing the brunt of the bad publicity it has received from the Game Optimizing Service (GOS) scandal. The company had released the GOS feature for Galaxy devices for improved gaming performance. Initially, the feature could not be switched off manually and allegedly reduced the game quality for several users. A recent report suggests that this controversy has impacted sales of the recently released Galaxy S22 series. The prices of these flagship phones have reportedly been slashed to half their introductory price. Samsung’s carrier partners like KT and LG U+ are also said to have increased the subsidies offered with the Galaxy S22 phones.

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