Save over €100 on this Samsung Odyssey G5 curved gaming monitor

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As well as making excellent tech products for years, Samsung is known for making some of the best gaming monitors and their Odyssey line is a case in point.

One of the company’s premium gaming monitors, the Samsung Odyssey G5 is currently over £100 cheaper on Amazon and available for just £339.

Its 34-inch size and 1000R curve will immerse you in a way few other monitors can match. It has WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, which also makes it a great option for productivity, since you can open multiple windows on such a large workspace without having to add a second display, and it has bezels in the middle to distract you.

But it’s not only a high-quality panel, it’s also a fast one. It has a refresh rate of 165 Hz with a response time of 1 ms. This is perfect if you have a beefy PC and want to play your games with the greatest possible fluidity, especially competitive games like Call of Duty, Rocket League and Apex Legends. It also supports AMD FreeSync, so you’ll experience clearer images with as little tearing as possible and lower input latency.

There’s also HDR10 support, so the lighting is much more vibrant compared to standard monitors that don’t support this feature, which is becoming more common and standardised.

The monitor supports both DisplayPort and HDMI, allowing you to connect multiple devices at once, as well as a headphone jack.

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