Should you go for a budget 5G phone or a 4G model?

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With 5G expected in India before the end of 2022, smartphone makers these days are busy making the market – in the budget segment – more confusing for consumers by launching new models with both 4G and 5G options bring. This has made it difficult for customers to understand whether they should go for a 5G phone today (future proofing) or go for a 4G model (as 5G is a few months away, if not more, for those who are not in big cities). This confusion comes with companies selectively offering features like multiple cameras and high refresh rate screens, even on the same phone.

To address all of this and make things easier for you, Orbital host Akhil Arora speaks with in-house gadget experts Roydon Cerejo and Sheldon Pinto on this week’s episode of the Gadgets 360 podcast.

Companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo and Realme have both 4G and 5G phones in their budget segments. However, a common practice has been found that while 4G phones have better features, their 5G counterparts are only marketed to offer support for the next-generation cellular network that has yet to be rolled out in the country.

The Oppo F21 Pro series is a recent example of this disparity. The series features the Oppo F21 Pro 5G with a standard 60Hz display and a 16MP selfie camera, while the vanilla (4G) Oppo F21 Pro has a 90Hz display and a 32MP selfie camera -Camera offers. Additionally, the 4G model is priced at Rs. 4,000 lower at Rs. 22,999 than its 5G variant which is priced at Rs. 26,999 – this price is for the identical 8GB RAM + 128GB storage configuration.

Oppo F21 Pro First impression: A pretty smartphone

This gives you a reason to be a little cautious and skeptical when choosing a new budget phone. You’ll have to decide if you want 5G connectivity at the expense of other key features that might be more useful via network support that hasn’t rolled out yet.

We also talk about some of the options you can look for if you are tight on cash or don’t want to spend more than Rs. 20,000. There are models like the Moto G71 5G and the Moto G51 that offer a decent combination of hardware and software for their price. You can also look at phones like the iQoo Z3 or the Redmi Note 11 series – if you’re happy with a custom skin on Android.

During the discussion, we also offer buying tips to keep in mind for budget phones, including why the base model isn’t the best option despite being the cheapest.

Moto G71 5G Review: Nearly perfect for Android purists

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