Smartish Wallet Slayer hands-on case and accessories: carry your cards and charge your Galaxy S22 Ultra

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We’ve spent a lot of time with the excellent Galaxy S22 Ultra and now that we’re back in the office there are transit and access cards to take along with the phone. The new Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 case is an inexpensive case for up to three cards and a few bills.

Smartish also offers mobile accessories and will include some items to try out. This includes the cable wrangler, Wireless Charge Island chargerand crown joules universal charging cable. All products are affordable and built to last, with the cable backed by a lifetime warranty.

Wallet Slayer Vol 1

Samsung Pay and Google Pay on board the Galaxy S22 Ultra mean you can leave your credit card at home and use your phone for various payments. However, you may still be required to carry a driver’s license, transit card and door access card. the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is an option that offers a card holder on the back with enough space for up to three cards and a bill or two. I personally tested it with my driver’s license, ORCA transit card, building door access card, and a folded $20 bill. Even if you’re only carrying one card, the inside of the sleeve has a design that presses the cards against the back, so even one card stays securely inside.

The card slot has a wide opening for the cards with a small opening on the left side called the thumb slot so you can slide the cards out from the side of the card to the opening. The card slot is integrated into the back of the case, making the back of the case thicker. A disadvantage of this type of wallet case is that wireless charging does not work with your phone in the case.

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The case material is flexible and also has textured sides with built-in grips for your fingers. Raised buttons also make activating the volume or power button quick and easy. The edges and corners are well protected in the case and as you can see on the inside there is a shock absorption system in the design.

A generous cutout for the rear camera is provided so that camera use is not compromised in any way. The edges also help protect the multiple cameras. The edges also rise above the display to protect the screen when you place it face down on a surface.

The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is available in one Solid Color, Black Tie Affair, and three Fresh Paint options. The black case costs $19.99 and the others $24.99. The Fresh Paint models have colorful backs and include Flavor of the Month (a very galactic looking design), Chef’s Special (grey wood look) and Freshly Baked (green leaf pattern).

cable wrangler

Part of being a mobile tech enthusiast is dealing with too many cables. One way to organize your cables is the Clever cable wrangler. This $19.99 accessory is a fabric-covered block with powerful magnets inside and a rubber coating on the bottom to keep it from sliding on a surface. The stylish block has a certain weight, so it is not affected by cables.

The ends of your cables will rest on the block, making it easy to find and grab the end. If your chosen cable doesn’t hold onto the block tightly enough, Smartish includes three magnetic collars that you can attach to the cable. It’s a very basic device, but has proven useful for organizing my cords for years.

crown joules

Speaking of cables, Smartish offers a six foot crown joules Universal charging cable with USB-C, Lightning and miniUSB connectors for any mobile device. The cable is $19.99 (a popular price at Smartish) in No. 2 Pencil Gray (aren’t pencils yellow?), Lightly Toasted Beige, Teal Me More and I’m Blushing available.

The strong fabric wrapped cable should prevent cable failures and if there is a problem the cable is guaranteed for life. It’s a convenient 6-foot cable that works in many areas to power your desk or bed.

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The primary end has a microUSB end. So if you have a microUSB device, just plug the cable directly into the device. Emerging from the side of the microUSB portion is a short cable with a USB-C end and a Lightning end on either side. On the opposite side there is an opening with a connection for microUSB. You just plug the microUSB end into the back of whatever cable type you need and you’re good to go.

The primary power end of this cable is USB-A, so we may see a new cable as more and more A/C chargers move to USB-C. Smartish has one USB-C to USB-C cable optionbut as a person who uses multiple devices, I like the multiverse universal cable option.

loading island

Another handy mobile accessory from Smartish is this loading island Universal wireless charger. It’s available for a reasonable $29.99 for Black Tie Affair color and $34.99 for Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special, and Freshly Baked colors. You can also personalize it for $44.99.

The large octagonal charging pad offers up to 15 watts of wireless power. A USB-A to USB-C cable comes with a USB-C connector located on the back of the charging island.

I prefer to keep my phone on a wireless charger on my bedside table, but hate it when chargers emit a bright LED light while charging, so I have to be selective with my charger at this point. The charging island has a charging indicator light, but it turns off after a few seconds so you can sleep soundly.

There are ventilation holes at the bottom of the charger to keep it from overheating while charging your phone, headset or other accessory. Sufficient rubber feet are also provided to keep the charger in place on the chosen surface.


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