Speck Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Gear: Great Grip, Clear View, 13-Foot Protection

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Once you use MagSafe with an iPhone, it’s difficult to ever use a case or accessory that doesn’t support the technology. Bacon has one range for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and we took two cases, a screen protector and a MagSafe charging case for a test drive.

When buying an Apple iPhone, like my new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, a major benefit is the wide range of cases and accessories available for the phone. Speck is known for making high-quality cell phone products, and the two cases I tested are my favorite Speck models. I also had the opportunity to expand the functionality of my Apple MagSafe Charger with the Folio accessory while protecting my display with a screen protector.

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Speck Presidio2 Grip Case

I tried one of Speck’s Grip cases a few years ago and I think the angular lines cut into the case provide the best grip possible in a phone case. the Presidio2 handle is available in four color options for $54.95 each. I tried the Graphite Grey/Black/Bold Red color option with my Graphite iPhone.

The case is designed to offer protection from a 13 foot drop, which is more than twice my height and a distance I will never drop my phone from. It features Microban antimicrobial treatment to prevent stain- and odor-causing bacteria from remaining on the case.

The graphite gray color covers most of the chassis with a raised rigid black frame piece that protects the rear camera array, black inserts that cushion impacts in the corners, raised black buttons for the volume and right side button, and a splash of red for the bacon Logo on the back. The raised buttons make it very easy to find and activate the button, while there is also a large opening for the ringer switch.

Small compartments line the inside edges of the case as Speck Armor Cloud technology absorbs the shock of a crash. A MagSafe area is marked inside the case with full support for MagSafe accessories. The soft touch finish and good looks make this one of my favorite iPhone cases.

Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear case

While I went for a rather conservative graphite iPhone 13 Pro Max, many people have bought colorful models and want to show the color to the world. The $39.95 Presidio Perfect Clear The case in no way obscures the color or design of your iPhone. It is perfectly clear on the back and four sides.

Although the case is see-through and doesn’t have the Speck Armor Cloud air pocket design, the strong edge material protects the phone from drops of up to 13 feet. Speck’s new Perfect Clear coated materials offer a clear case with a clear guarantee, so you won’t see yellowing or discoloration over time. All ports are fully accessible with raised volume and right side buttons.

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MagSafe technology is supported by a white magnetic MagSafe embedded in the inner back of the case. Raised edges also protect the device’s rear camera array and front display, allowing you to set it down on a surface without fear of breakage. Wireless charging and Apple Pay are also fully supported.

ShieldView glass protection

Even though Apple’s new glass display advertises that it’s pretty strict when it comes to handling the iPhone, I personally still prefer to install a glass film on my iPhone. It’s worth the price for me to have peace of mind and protection that will break instead of my screen. Bacon has them ShieldView glass protection This is 0.33mm tempered glass with a 9H scratch resistant coating. The protector is available now for $39.95.

One of the best features of this Speck product is the easy Goof Proof installation kit that makes alignment and installation a breeze. I remember the old days when I had to walk into a clean room and carefully try to align flexible plastic guards. Most often I spent time trying to get rid of air bubbles or lint, and then just gave up on having a protector with bugs on the display.

Speck also has a fingerprint-resistant coating on the screen protector, so your fingers can slide across the display and wipe clean easily. The screen protector also has the Microban treatment, so combining it with the case should reduce almost all bacteria.

Presidio Pro folio

While I like MagSafe accessories like wallets and charging stations, I don’t own an Apple MagSafe charger. After Speck sent his new one along Presidio Pro folio I ordered a MagSafe charger for testing to see if the folio was worth the $39.95 price tag. Just to be clear, a MagSafe charger is not included with this folio purchase.

The Apple MagSafe charger fits securely into the opening in the folio. The folio serves as a stand for viewing your iPhone display in either portrait or landscape mode. It serves as a great travel charger and I’ve put it in my backpack for future trips.

The MagSafe charger cable is routed around the perimeter of the folio, sliding the cable between two parts of the folio and then snapping it into place. A small magnetically attached cover folds down to reveal a space to store the USB-C end of your cable.

The Folio’s textured exterior prevents it from slipping on a surface. Various angles can be adjusted with the front cover and rear attachment. Your iPhone stays securely in place, even in portrait or landscape orientation, so you can use the Presidio Pro Folio to make calls or watch videos.


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