The best free Android apps [March 2022]: 5 apps you should try

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Apps have become a part of our lives now – be it social media apps, gaming apps, creativity apps or any other category of apps. Some of the apps entertain us while others are very useful in our daily life. There are millions of Android apps in the Google Play Store and I’ve selected five that you might find useful. These are the top five Android apps for the month of March. I also included an offline game on this list in case you got bored of playing the same old games over and over again.

1st list

As the name indicates, list is an app used to list things – like your daily tasks, your daily plans, meetings and other things. Unlike thousands of to-do list apps on the Google Play Store, this one lets you type movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, and many other things. I made a few lists of articles to read, a list of movies and TV shows I’ve watched, a to-do list, and more.

The app pulls data from the web and shows images and metadata of movies and other content, which is doing very well. It makes the list look way better than any vanilla to-do list app on the market. Listy is very easy to use and every option is at a distance. You can choose from multiple categories and create a list – options include books, podcasts, wine, links, video games, and more. Listy is essentially a steroid to-do list app.

2. Spectra

How many times have you been in a situation where a friend asks you for the specs of your cell phone and you get confused? There are many apps on the market that show you specs, but most of them are pretty monotonous and feel jarring to use. Spectra has focused on the app design and added some flair to this tech jargon.

spectra shows you information about the SoC, memory, software and sensors of the smartphone. It also shows the reading of these sensors so you can find out if they are working well or not. The app also displays information about the network, both WiFi and cellular. The app’s interface feels slick and lets the specs stand out well against a colorful background.

3. Tilla

There are many streaming apps these days and almost everyone subscribes to at least two services. These services come with a cost and sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of and constantly check that bills are being paid on time. As you might have guessed, we have an app specifically designed to track this. Tilla you can add any streaming services and other things you may have subscribed to in the app and enter the amount as well as the due date.

The app also neatly categorizes everything like VPN services, streaming services, tools, cloud services, and more. At the top of the homepage, it also shows you the total spend per month so you don’t have to do the math in person. Tilla also allows you to add a due date so it can send you a notification – this way you never miss a billing cycle. You can use it for several other services and it’s not limited to streaming. This app is very handy and keeps your wallet well organized.

4. Friendship

Friendship is an app for all movie and tv show fans and I’m sure most of you are. This app gives you recommendations on which movies and shows to watch and the interface is really simple and straightforward. It also shows you the streaming service that a TV show is available on and also gives you information about the upcoming season if there is one. You can follow popular releases and also add friends to check out the shows and movies they’ve been watching.

The app also has movies and shows categorized by streaming service, making picking a movie much easier. There are also several other categories – from action, adventure, biography, anime, and more – that can help you choose a movie of your liking. Friendsspire is not just limited to movies, but also books and podcasts. You can add your favorites and also rate them.

5. Oddmar

Oddmar is a very interesting game set in the Viking era. As Oddmar, you have a chance to prove yourself in the eyes of other Vikings, but it comes at a price. The game looks and feels good, with the right narrative to keep it engaging. There are tons of levels that will test your patience and skill. You have to kill enemies on your way and also collect stars.

The jumping mechanics are decent and also drop small mushrooms that help you reach higher spots. The controls are very simple and require you to use both thumbs to move left, right and up. The graphics are quite good and do not demand much from your smartphone.

What is your favorite free Android app? Let us know via the comments below.

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