The new Horizon Forbidden West option allows for immediate resource pickup

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Aloy can now immediately gather resources in Horizon Forbidden West after Guerrilla quietly added the new feature.

Available as a toggle in Options, players can now disable pickup animations, causing Aloy to instantly grab nearby resources, greatly speeding up the flow of exploration.

It seems the feature was added in the latest patch, although oddly it’s missing from the patch notes.

The feature affects smaller items, like natural resources and loot that Aloy shoots down from machines, but anything found in a chest or dead robot still needs to be picked up without moving.

Additionally, it can also be done on mounts as you speed through the Forbidden West.

Granted, it’s a feature found in many other open-world games: from Ghost of Tsushima to Assassin’s Creed and Elden Ring. But that certainly fits with the rest of Horizon’s gameplay.

Otherwise, the patch fixes a number of bugs and Guerrilla further adjusts the shimmering graphics without completely eliminating the problem. You can check out the latest


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