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The next in-game season of Pokémon Go begins tomorrow, March 1st, and focuses on the Hawaiian-inspired region of Alola.

This is the area seen in the seventh generation 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Moon, in which players explored an archipelago of islands and slayed a suitably sun-drenched menagerie of creatures.

Alolan forms of existing Pokémon have been available in Pokémon Go for a while, although many more should be available this season. Here’s a teaser hinting at what to expect:

As you might expect, this includes the three starters from Alola: the grass owl Rowlett, the fire cat Litten and the ridiculous seal Popplio.

The commonly seen creatures Pikipek and Rockruff have already been teased, suggesting we’ll be seeing them tomorrow alongside dragon-type Jangmo-o and legendary creature Tapu Koko.

The announcement of the new season came during yesterday’s Pokémon Presents live stream, which also hosted Word of a


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