Totallee cases for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: ultra-thin protection and a touch of colour

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It’s pretty rare that people use phones without a case and that’s a great thing

Totallee Falls

is the minimalist design that adds very little size or weight to your phone. The cases offer scratch protection, while the soft shells offer additional grip.

Over the past week, I’ve tested four options for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed Totallee cases, so I was quite surprised there are any now

15 options

for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and I may have to try some of these other options in the future.

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The four Totallee cases I tested with my Graphite iPhone 13 Pro Max were included

Frosted clear


Matt black

Transparent clear soft


Hybrid MagSafe Clear/Black

. All four of these cases are available for $39 each. Other $39 options include Navy Blue Matte, Green Matte, and Hybrid Clear/Black.

This year we also see Totallee offering seven limited color options for $45 each. These include Pearl White, Peach Flamingo, Clear (Hard), Red, Solid Black, Gray, and Jet Black.

The elegance of the Totallee case lies in its no-branding simplicity, super-thin design (0.02-0.04 inches), light weight, and the ability to add just enough to provide some protection. MagSafe wireless charging is supported, but MagSafe accessories (such as an Apple Wallet) will only work with the MagSafe-compatible case option coming this year.


The case protects the back from scratches and has edge protection that can help with minor bumps. There’s a slightly raised lip around the rear camera opening, and given the large protrusion of the cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it’s great to see some camera protection here. The edges of the case on the front of the phone extend just above the screen to protect the display when you place it face down on a table.

The case works flawlessly with Apple Pay and wireless charging. The cases fit very snugly, but they’re easier to install and remove than previous versions I’ve tested on other phones.


The matte cases are made of rigid polypropylene material but are also flexible. It weighs almost nothing and serves as a removable case for your phone. The matte options are perfect for those who don’t really want to pack their phones in a case but also want some scratch and edge protection.

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The transparent case options feel more like a glossy gel (made of TPU). The transparent cases have a slightly thicker material but also bring out the full color and style of your iPhone 13 Pro Max. The transparent cases also provide some shock absorption.


I tested the hybrid MagSafe, which shows off the phone and works perfectly with MagSafe accessories. There’s a black frame around the edges and the camera opening, while the rest of the back is transparent.

Totallee cases are perfect for people who don’t like cases. The expanded selection of colors and materials is also nice to see.


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