Twitter says its website will be restricted in Russia amid Ukraine crisis

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Twitter will be restricted for some users in Russia, the social media company said in a tweet on Saturday, February 26.

On Friday, a day after Russia invaded Ukraine, Moscow said it partially restricted access to Meta Platforms’ Facebook and accused it of “censoring” Russian media.

Twitter said it is working to keep its service safe and accessible. It did not immediately respond to a question about whether Russia had communicated with the company about any actions.

Internet blocking observatory NetBlocks reported that Twitter has been restricted on leading networks. A Reuters reporter in Moscow on Saturday said the site was slow and having trouble sending tweets.

Russia has for years sought tighter control over the internet and big tech companies in efforts that critics say threaten individual and corporate liberties and are part of a broader crackdown on outspoken opponents of the Kremlin.

Last year, Moscow slowed Twitter’s speed as a punitive measure for saying the site doesn’t remove illegal content.

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