UniX Gaming is partnering with DAO Maker & SL2 on its new IGO Launchpad and it’s a big deal | tech news

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With a few all-star names supporting his new Launchpad effort, UniX Giaming seems well poised to offer some of the hottest and most promising IGO opportunities to come in gaming to earn.

Final Round is one of the most anticipated crypto launchpads of all kinds, be it for Initial DEX Offerings, Initial Coin Offerings, or anything else, and for good reason – it’s being built by the most popular crypto gaming guild, along with a few of them the smartest and most experienced crypto investors out there.

Final Round founding partners include DAO maker, one of the earliest crypto launchpads to hit space. Launched back in 2019 – a very long time ago in the fast-paced world of blockchain development – DAO Maker has become one of the most respected platforms for early-stage investors. Not only does it receive more traffic than any other launchpad, but the projects it has launched to date have raised close to $250 million, making it the third largest launchpad in the crypto space in terms of market cap.

With such an illustrious history comes much experience. DAO Maker knows what it takes to identify and hatch hot projects. It has a keen eye for what works and what doesn’t, in addition to an extensive support infrastructure in place to guide and grow the projects it supports. With the benefit of these years of expertise, Final Round will be able to avoid many of the mistakes that other launchpads make, increasing the chances of success for projects that raise funds on its platform.

The other key partner of Final Round is SL2 capital, one of the most prominent venture capital funding firms in the entire crypto space. SL2 knows what it takes to spot hot crypto game projects as it was one of the early investors in P2E games like e.g Bulliverse, Blockchain Monster Hunt, prodigy hero, Fight legends, engines of anger, and many more. SL2 not only provides money for the projects it supports, but also technical support provided to projects that are available in the final round.

SL2 Capital will also help build Final Round’s tech stack and most importantly be the one to write, verify and execute smart contracts on its platform.

“We are proud to partner with Unix Gaming and Dao Maker towards Final Round,” said Iftikhar Qasim, CEO of SL2. “The platform addresses issues in the Launchpad space and we believe it will set the trend and be a benchmark when it comes to frictionless and innovative solutions. Final Round aims to be a leader in this area.”

Final Round would already be a tempting platform for investors, ignoring their own expertise in the P2E space. As the largest crypto gaming guild of all, UniX Gaming adds perhaps the most important ingredient any IGO launchpad needs to be successful – namely its huge community of gamers, which includes its own leadership team. If anyone can discover a promising new game it will be the players themselvesand UniX is home to some of the most enthusiastic gamers around.

As Final Round prepares to launch its first-ever IDO, it has what it takes to identify the crypto gaming projects with the best chance of success. It has the community to ensure rapid growth, it has the combined experience of some of the top investors in the crypto space, and it has the technology to make it all work.

Above all, every single P2E game that lands in the final round is vetted by some of the most experienced and addicted players in the world. If that’s not a sure sign of success, we don’t know what is.


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