Use wheelchairs in D&D and see witcher Geralt’s disability •

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It was during a lecture they probably should have been listening to when Sara Thompson scribbled Dungeons & Dragons Combat Wheelchair on the back cover of a textbook. They had been talking about the wheelchair for a while, upset by a game that offered players unlimited freedom to be who they wanted but still struggled to fully represent them. So they did something about it.

a few years later the Combat Wheelchair add-on for Dungeons & Dragons is in a third edition and has reached the whole world. It caught the attention of writers working for D&D maker Wizards of the Coast, inspired bespoke miniature models, and was presented by mega-popular Critical Role host Matt Mercer.

That’s not all Thompson is known for, however. Thompson is a Witcher encyclopedia that worked on the tabletop role-playing game for R. Talsorian Games. And it was this knowledge that led to this


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