Watch Dogs Tokyo is a new manga series

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What’s next for Watch Dogs? While we wait to hear if the London-based Legion will get a full game sequel, Ubisoft will keep fans busy with a Tokyo-based manga.

The near-future hacktivist saga has so far visited Chicago, San Francisco and a post-Brexit Britain. We hope this latest story is a little less somber.

The first part of Watch Dogs Tokyo launches tomorrow, April 12th, and once again upsets the series’ usual evil megacorp Bloom.

“It will be about a special new infrastructure system by a company called Bloom Japan that will be used by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to transform people’s lives. However, there is actually a great deal of darkness in this new system as well,” according to the manga news account Manga Mogura revealed (thanks, GamesRadar).

Ubisoft has now called the time for Watch Dogs Legion and no further additions are expected. That was confirmed in January


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