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How to improve Battle Bus for battle?

Restore the missing Battle Bus plans is one of the challenges you can complete Fortnite chapter 3 season 2.

This challenge is classified as a resistance challenge, meaning it forms part of the Season 2 storyline and requires you to find a beacon in either the Condo Canyon, Coney Crossroads, or the Daily Bugle to begin.

Completing it will reward you with 23,000 XP, which can be used to unlock some new skins from the Battle Pass, but first you need to know those Battle Bus Plans locations.

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Condo Canyon Battle Bus plans locations explained in Fortnite

To complete this Fortnite challenge, all you need to do is collect a set of Battle Bus plans, and when you visit Condo Canyon you have three options to choose from.

The first set of Battle Bus maps is in the small plaza on the south side of Condo Canyon.

The second and third sets of Battle Bus plans can be found in the northern cul-de-sac section of Condo Canyon – one next to a swimming pool and the other in a garage.


Coney Crossroads Battle Bus Plans locations explained in Fortnite

There are three locations where you can collect Battle Bus Plans in Coney Crossroads, but remember you only need to collect one to complete this Fortnite challenge.

The first is in the building across from the ice cream parlor – just inside the door.


The second is between two camp beds outside of the ice cream shop.


The final set of Battle Bus plans can be found in the ice cream parlor itself.


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