Wordle Creator promotes Knotwords, a new everyday puzzle challenge

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Knotwords, a crossword-like puzzle game with no hint list, is an evolution of Wordle with complex puzzles and simple structure. Wordle, a five word puzzle challenge created in October 2021, is a favorite for many who love to put their brain to the test every day. Developed by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle, the game is now owned and published by The New York Times Company, which acquired the rights in January 2022. Now, three months later, Wardle recommends Knotwords, an everyday puzzle challenge that’s said to give Wordle some stiff competition. While Wordle has inspired the creation of several puzzle games such as Lewdle, Sweardle, Heardle or Globle, nothing has captured Wardle’s attention like Knotwords before.

Knotwords was developed by Zach Gage and Jack Schlesinger. Gage, formerly a designer for the spaceship-in-crisis sim Tharsis, announced last week the new game Knotwords on Twitter, which described it as “a minimal, elegant logic puzzle – with words”. His tweet was supported by Wardle, who called Knotwords an “incredibly elegant everyday wordplay.”

How to play node words

If you’ve played Wordle before, Knotwords might seem easy to you. However, instead of just one, this game has multiple wordle quizzes arranged in a crossword format. The puzzle is divided into sections, usually Tetris-like pieces containing some alphabets. The player must fit these alphabets into each section in such a way that a word forms perfectly. The task does not end here. To complete a knotword puzzle, you need to make sure that all rows and columns end up forming a valid English word.

If you get stuck in between, Knotwords offers a hint feature that gives a definition of each word that will be somewhere on the board. However, this comes with a three-minute time penalty that is added to the player’s in-game timer.

To see a short trailer of the rules of the game, you can watch the YouTube clip provided by the developers on the official game site.

Where to play knot words

You can download the Wordle-like but complex puzzle game Knotwords from the app storeas well as Google play store with 30 puzzles for a month. The game is also available on steam (Mac/PC) where you can purchase the full version for $4.99 (roughly Rs. 380) per year or a one-time purchase of $11.99 (roughly Rs. 920). With a 10 percent discount, the game is available for Rs. 359 in India. The full version gives you access to old Knotwords archives, hints, personal stats, and color themes.

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