YouTube for Android, iOS gets a new confetti animation on the Like button

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The YouTube app for Android and iOS gets a new animation on the Like button. Tapping the Like button now generates a small confetti-like animation, making liking videos on the content streaming platform a more colorful experience. The feature is being rolled out slowly. The animation on the YouTube like button was discovered via Reddit earlier this year. The Like button on the YouTube web hasn’t changed at this time. Earlier this month, reports emerged suggesting that YouTube plans to improve the inclusion of podcasts on its platform.

The new animation on the Like button isn’t a big design change to the platform, but it does make liking videos more fun. Pressing the Like button causes multicolored confetti and streamers to pop out before settling into the black thumbs up. The feature is slowly rolling out for the YouTube app on Android and iOS. On YouTube Web, when you click the Like button, the blank thumbs up changes to a black one. The design change has not yet been integrated into YouTube Web.

According to 9to5Google, the Like button animation was first spotted by Redditor @u/LanDest021 earlier this year.

Earlier this year, reports emerged suggesting that YouTube plans to improve the inclusion of podcasts on its platform. An 84-page document has allegedly been leaked to outline the roadmap set out by the company. The document is believed to be intended for podcast publishers. A new podcast homepage in the familiar YouTube layout is also to be expected.

The report suggested that YouTube get a dedicated “podcasts” home page at (URL not working right now) for improved search and discoverability. YouTube is also reportedly planning to serve audio ads, sold by both Google and other partners, to its audience listening to music, podcasts and other audio content.

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